Five Good Friends officially launches

A few months ago I joined Five Good Friends as the CTO. Last Wednesday we officially launched at the St Lucia Bowls Club in Brisbane.

When my grandad passed away my brother and I became the primary carers for our grandmother. We both have full time jobs and I recently became a dad. We started off by rotating weekly, but after months it became harder and harder. Worse, grandma needed to go to appointments during business hours which meant we took time off work. We organised help at home during the week, but it was quite inflexible and difficult to coordinate.

We’re using apps to order taxis, find tradespeople and book hotels, why can’t we do the same with help at home? If you combine that with trust worthy people providing top notch help then you get Five Good Friends.

As a software engineer who has worked on all sorts of apps, I couldn’t be more proud than I am right now to be working with a great team that is fundamentally changing to the way we help the elderly.

Written by Tate Johnson on 5 Nov 2016. Subscribe to my blog's RSS feed.