We’re hiring a design focused Frontend Developer at The Lookout Way

Hi there, we’re The Lookout Way and we make Lookout — a care management platform that powers aged care and NDIS service providers to get exceptional outcomes for their clients, families, and support workers.

Our team extracted Lookout from the digital infrastructure we made by running a real, world-class service provider, Five Good Friends. Lookout has already powered over 1,000,000 hours of support in the home and it will power another 40,000 hours of life enhancing support next month.

We’re aiming for a flexible start in late Jan or Feb ‘22 and accepting applications until Sunday, 5th December 23:59. We promise to respond within 7 days so we’d love to hear from you! 👋😊

About the job

We’re carving out a brand new space inside our team to welcome a design focused Frontend Developer. You’ll directly improve the experience of our users by working exclusively on the frontend in our Ruby on Rails app known as Lookout. We don’t expect you to have collaborated on Ruby on Rails before, so you’ll get an education budget and pairing with a mentor to help you grow. You’ll be directly supported by our Design Manager and you’ll influence decisions in our Design Guild to proliferate an ergonomic design system which we’ve already begun.

We structure our work around projects and focus on one project at a time. You’ll join projects as its designer where you’ll partner with two full-stack engineers and a product manager to take a pitch from conception through to production. The work is a blend of figuring out experiences, laying out user interfaces, crafting components to be wired up, and balancing trade offs with delivery to get good outcomes.

We roughly follow ShapeUp so our projects are paced into long, eight week cycles. We spend the first six weeks figuring out, designing and building. We spend the last two weeks tidying up and doing maintenance. Our pitches describe the outcome, not the how, so we lean on your empathy, prowess, and collaboration with the project team to get us there.

The web is at the heart of what we do. Yes, you can access our app through a browser, but we take this philosophy through to our native iOS and Android apps too. They feel native, but they’re a hybrid app built on top of the Turbolinks (Upgrading to Turbo is on the cards!) native adapters. The union of native apps on top of a shared, web view is how our team has punched above its weight with fewer people and little overtime.

Supporting people to live well at home is broad so Lookout can be thought of as an integrated suite of tools to enable collaboration and remote monitoring in a client’s home for themselves, their families, workers, and health professionals. To try and give you a better idea of Lookout and the work we do here are some recent examples:

We craft our designs in Figma and we craft our frontend out of ERB, Tailwind (SCSS in older parts), Stimulus (jQuery in older parts), and ViewComponent. We automate our build pipeline through Buildkite and we do 30+ deploys a week with zero downtime. We make heavy use of feature flagging to continuously integrate and we lean on linting to set a minimum bar.

About you

You consider yourself a bit of a designer, and you’re happy to be in Figma, but you see HTML, CSS as your real canvas. You care deeply about about white space, layouts, and consistency. You’re a generalist at heart and you take pragmatic steps to help our team make progress. You keep sight of the bigger picture, always working toward it, and helping others see it too. You’re a great writer and you like writing. Writing is the main way you think and share.

You believe in the collective ownership of product. When you ship a polished feature, we all shipped that feature. When you accidentally write a bug, we all wrote that bug. We celebrate the highs and we learn from the lows. We lean on each other and we look up to each other. We’re kind, honest, and authentic with each other. We invite debate and we encourage alternative perspectives, but when we commit, we put our differences aside and we see it through.

You’ll make hundreds of important decisions over the course of a working week. No one will tell you what to do, but you’ll know your goal and we’ll minimise your disruptions. We take the time to think and time to write. We make the time to experiment and the time to share our insights.

You’ll work remotely from anywhere in Australia as long as you have a solid internet connection and a comfortable setup. We’re already in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We do have a COVID-safe office in the Brisbane CBD, but you won’t be required to work from there day-to-day, even after the pandemic.

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Each new person is an opportunity for us to bring a different perspective into the team. We are committed to building an inclusive workplace where you can do your best and most rewarding work. We anonymise and redact applications so they can be reviewed fairly.

You’ll be working with vulnerable people so we require you to complete a National Police Check and the NDIS Worker Orientation Module. You must have the right to work in Australia.

About our pay and perks

This is a permanent, full-time position and depending on your skills and experience we’re prepared to offer you a salary up to $130,000 + 10% super, no matter where you live in Australia. You’ll also get a $4,500 budget to pick a laptop, adapters, and display for your work (Good thing those M1 Macbook Pros just came out!).

The way we work and the perks we offer are designed to help you live a fulfilling life. Some of us start late and some of us finish early. Some of us work in big blocks and some of us break it up. We overlap for most of the day and we work a regular week where overtime is a rarity. The work we do is meaningful and the problems we solve are interesting. We like coming to work and working together, but we’re 25 people who are also parents, carers, siblings, friends, students, athletes, and hobbyists with a life away from work too.

How to apply

Introduce yourself to our team by sending an email to thelookoutway+7adpjz@emails.readblindly.com. Tell us a bit about yourself and include your CV. Instead of a cover letter, we would love to hear your answers to these questions in the body of your email:

  1. Why are you considering working here and why now?
  2. Would you consider yourself more of a frontend developer, more of a UI designer, or a mix of both? Where are you comfortable today and where would you like to learn and grow in the future?
  3. Have you worked with Ruby on Rails before (If not, that’s OK!)? What templating/technologies have you worked with? Which one was your favourite and why?
  4. You are working on a feature. You feel strongly developing it this way will get a better outcome, but your co-worker who is a full-stack Product Engineer disagrees. What do you do next?
  5. What do you think are the ingredients for building a high-quality app? What does quality mean to you and how do you help maintain it over time? Can you share a proud or insightful moment with us as an example?
  6. Do you have a portfolio or screenshots of previous work you can share with us (If not, there OK!)? Link? Attachment?

We put a premium on writing and we promise to give you our undivided attention. Your email will be anonymised and mentions of gender, nationality, languages, and places will be redacted so it can be read blindly and reviewed fairly.

We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis until Sunday, 5th Dec 23:59. We’re aiming to respond to candidates within 7 days of applying and to make an offer to the successful candidate within 2 weeks after responding. To give you an idea of how we hire, these are the steps the successful candidate will take:

  1. Send email to thelookoutway+7adpjz@emails.readblindly.com
  2. First interview to get acquainted and find alignment with your growth and our company. A video call with the CTO or Design Manager (~45 minutes)
  3. Second interview to assess how well we collaborate. We will pair to understand business intentions and sketch out a plan over a video call with the Design Manager and a full-stack Product Engineer (~60 minutes)
  4. Offer, referee checks, and background checks.
  5. Start on a Thursday

We’re grateful for your time and looking forward to hearing from you 🙏

Please, no recruiters.

Written by Tate Johnson on 12 Nov 2021. Subscribe to my blog's RSS feed.