We’re hiring a Product Success Specialist (Product Marketer, Technical Writer) at The Lookout Way

Hi there, we’re The Lookout Way, and we make Lookout — a SaaS-based care management platform that powers aged care and NDIS service providers to get exceptional outcomes for their clients, families, and support workers.

Our team extracted Lookout from the digital infrastructure we made by running a real, world-class service provider, Five Good Friends. Lookout has already powered over 1,000,000 hours of support in the home.

We’re aiming for a flexible start in April. We’re accepting applications until Monday 7th March 11:59 pm UTC+10.

About the job

We’re carving out a brand new space inside our Product Team to welcome a Product Success Specialist (Like a technically focused Product Marketer, or a product focused Technical Writer). In this newly created role, you’ll help our customers run on Lookout by educating them about both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of upcoming releases. To date, this has been a side project for our Product Managers, but you will be taking over the reins of Lookout’s canonical reference material and release management. The work is a blend of storytelling, technical writing, and the coordination of making new features generally available to all of our customers.

We maximise our impact by pacing releases into long, eight-week cycles. Product Managers, Engineers, and Designers collaborate to solve problems this cycle while you write about what they solved and beta tested the last cycle. We have a strong writing culture, so you’ll get regular updates from Project Teams as they develop new features, but you’ll also draw insights by interviewing people and trying out beta features for yourself.

Thousands of people will read the reference materials you create. You’ll write one-page announcements, publish guiding support articles, record quick screencasts, wire up timely in-app prompts, and flip the switch to turn features on.

Our customers will use your reference materials to learn about what’s new or get help with a specific topic. Our Success Team will use your reference material to support customers with adopting features or troubleshooting problems. Our Marketing Team will use your reference materials to proudly tell the world about what we’ve made and how it can help them make progress. Your writing will become representative of our product’s voice.

To give you a better idea of the day-to-day, here are some recent examples from our Product Managers:

We use Basecamp to collaborate internally and coordinate releases, Notion for our internal reference documentation, and Intercom to email customers, wire up-in app prompts, and manage support articles.

About you

Your favourite part of working on new products is delivering real value to customers. You enjoy interacting with your team and customers in a consultative way. Showcasing technology cross-departmentally and to customers energises you. Applying deep curiosity to new challenges comes naturally, and you persist until you can see the most efficient path to full resolution. You are happiest when you are continually learning. You write exceptionally well.

You believe in the collective ownership of the product. We celebrate the highs, and we learn from the lows. We’re kind, honest, and authentic with each other. We invite debate and encourage alternative perspectives, but when we commit, we put our differences aside and see it through.

You’ll work remotely from anywhere in Australia as long as you have a solid internet connection and a comfortable setup. We’re already in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We have a COVID-safe office in the Brisbane CBD, but you won’t be required to work from there, even after the pandemic.

You might have a background in communications, marketing, product, technical writing, or something else entirely. If this opportunity excites you and you think you can do it, please don’t rule yourself out even if you don’t feel you tick every box. We know that women and other people in underrepresented minority groups tend to only apply if they feel they are a perfect match. Don’t self reject! We review all applications blindly.

You’ll be working with vulnerable people so we require you to complete a National Police Check and the NDIS Worker Orientation Module. You must have the right to work in Australia.

About our pay and perks

This is a permanent, full-time position and depending on your skills and experience, we’re prepared to offer you a salary between $100,000 and $130,000 + 10% super, no matter where you live in Australia. You’ll also get a $4,500 budget to pick your laptop, accessories, and display.

The way we work and the perks we offer are designed to help you live a fulfilling life. Some of us start late, and some of us finish early. Some of us work in big blocks, and some break it up. We overlap for most of the day, and we work a regular week where overtime is a rarity. The work we do is meaningful, and the problems we solve are interesting. We like coming to work and working together, but we’re a group of 40+ people who are also parents, carers, siblings, friends, students, athletes, and hobbyists with a life away from work too.

You’ll get the standard four weeks of paid annual leave and the customary ten days of paid carer’s/sick leave. You’ll also get:

How to apply

Please introduce yourself to our team by sending an email to thelookoutway+k9upgr@emails.readblindly.com. Tell us a bit about yourself and include your CV. Instead of a cover letter, we would love to hear your answers to these questions in the body of your email:

  1. Why are you considering working here and why now?
  2. Would you consider yourself a marketer, a technical writer, a product manager, a communications director, a mix, or something else entirely? Where are you comfortable today and where would you like to learn and grow in the future?
  3. Tell us about an experience where you rolled out a new ‘thing’ (It doesn’t have to be from a product role, it doesn’t even have to be a ‘feature’). What did you do to gain knowledge? How did you bring people onboard? What did you do to make it successful?
  4. You’re trying a new feature for yourself so you can finish writing the new support article. You click a button, but the screen it loads next surprises you. You feel strongly it should load a different screen you know already exists, but your co-worker who is a Product Designer disagrees. What do you next?
  5. A guide to making your favourite meal (Or maybe the only meal you can make?)

We put a premium on writing, and we promise to give you our undivided attention. Your email will be anonymised, and mentions of gender, nationality, languages, and places will be redacted so it can be read blindly.

We’re accepting applications until Monday 7th March 11:59 pm UTC+10. You’ll first hear back from us within 10 days of applications closing. We’re actual people reviewing applications so this sustainable timeframe gives everyone a fair chance to be considered. Our hiring process is:

  1. Send email to thelookoutway+k9upgr@emails.readblindly.com
  2. The first interview is to get acquainted and find alignment with your growth and our company. You’ll have a video call with the Head of Product and one other team member.
  3. The second interview to assess how well we collaborate.
  4. Offer, referee checks, and background checks.
  5. Start on a Thursday

We’re grateful for your time and looking forward to hearing from you.

Please, no recruiters.

Written by Tate Johnson on 28 Feb 2022. Subscribe to my blog's RSS feed.